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Non Prescription Weight Loss ProductsLeanmaxx



uppresses appetiteSuppresses appetite: Leanmaxx has powerful appetite suppressant ingredients that will effectively curb cravings and reduce hunger. Portion control and calorie intake is lowered. Weight loss naturally!

Increases metabolismIncreases metabolism: Studies on the Leanmaxx key ingredients have shown that they are metabolism boosters. An increase in metabolic rate contributes to weight loss by burning calories throughout the day.

Eliminates fatEliminates fat: Leanmaxx is a combination of ingredients with powerful thermogenic activity which helps burn fat. It is an important property of Leanmaxx ingredients which causes weight loss and reduces waist size!

Relieves stressRelieves stress: Antioxidants present in Leanmaxx will help reduce stress levels in your body which is commonly caused by overeating or unhealthy food choices.

Boosts Energy levelsBoosts Energy levels: Leanmaxx ingredients help increase energy levels along with vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. This energy boost will help maintain active lifestyle, a key factor of weight loss.


Weight Loss Products in Florida



Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract: A revolution in the natural product industry!. The results are astounding. It increases the metabolism while inhibiting the release of glucose into bloodstream and inhibiting the absorption of fat in the liver causing weight loss. As seen on Dr.Oz show, CBS, Fox news, ABC, CNN and in LA Times.

African Mango ExtractAfrican Mango Extract: A 100% natural breakthrough ingredient that suppresses appetite, increases metabolism and burn fat and with research done over 2 decades Irvingia gabonensis (African mango) is clinically proven to reduce weight, waist size and body fat.

Green Tea ExtractGreen Tea Extract: Originally discovered in China, green tea is high in antioxidants and is thought to help with energy and reducing hunger. Quite a few studies have been done understanding the effectiveness of green tea extract in reducing body fat, BMI and weight.

Caralluma Fimbriata ExtractCaralluma Fimbriata Extract: Famously known in India as “Famine food”. Used for centuries by tribals to curb appetite and increase endurance. Backed by scientific research and customer results it is touted by experts all over the media for its power to help lose weight and reduce waist size.

Vitamin B12 and B6Vitamin B12 and B6: They work together in a unique way to decrease homocysteine levels in your body. This relieves stress and promotes cardiovascular health. Both Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 help boost the metabolism and produce energy.

Money back guarenteeLeanmaxx- Weight Loss Product

Weight Loss Product testimonial
“My ordering process is smooth with http://leanmaxx.com. I am oversize at my belly and waistline. I was tired of doing just abs. I was told by a friend about Leanmaxx. I read a lot about it and its ingredients. I decided to try Leanmaxx after comparing at several other products. It is very reasonable in price for what it is offering when you compare apples to apples. It has been about 3 weeks now and I see results. My waistline has decreased 2 sizes. I know Leanmaxx are very realistic in their tone on the website unlike many others offering overnight results and in fact the whole world. Think about it. Leanmaxx is great.I am happy and I recommend it to any one.”

– Elmira P, Fort Lauderdale

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